Not Working

Mar 26, 2009 at 8:18 PM
Anyone have any insight on actually getting this to work? Here's what I've done:
  1. Added the control reference to the form section of my work item template
  2. Imported template
  3. Installed the spell checker .dll and .wicc files to the correct location on the client using installer downloaded from here (All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Team Foundation\Work Item Tracking\Custom Controls\9.0)
  4. Open a work item - spell check control loads properly and button is displayed
  5. Click Check Spelling button
Visual Studio crashes. The error signature of the crash is:

EventType : clr20r3     P1 : devenv.exe     P2 : 9.0.30729.1     P3 : 488f2b50
P4 :     P5 :     P6 : 4889dee7     P7 : 154d     
P8 : 19     P9 :

Not sure what file it cannot find since the control is loading properly. My guess is that it is related to Word (Word 2007 is installed) since the spell checker uses Word, but no idea what. I went to download the source to see if I could figure it out but...the source isn't here. All that exists in the installer.
Mar 26, 2009 at 8:54 PM

Sorry for the problems, I've upload a new version with some fix.

Please try the new version and let me know if you still got problems.

Mar 26, 2009 at 10:15 PM
Still the same crash.

Installer put the following files in All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Team Foundation\Work Item Tracking\Custom Controls\9.0:
  • Spell.wicc
  • New SR.WitSpellChecker.dll (dated today)
  • Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.dll (not included previously)
  • Microsoft.TeamFoundation.OfficeIntegration.Common.tlb (not included previously)
  • System.Core.dll (not included previously)
  • System.Xml.Linq.dll (not included previously)
Apr 8, 2009 at 1:29 PM
Too good, It worked for me....

1) Update WIT definition
2) Install setup.msi on all the client machines.

Only issue is, once you finished with spell check an instance of word open for a split second and then close.
May be Shair can use a hidden/in memory word instance (I don't know what I am talking...), that will be perfect finish to this superb project.


Apr 8, 2009 at 4:13 PM
sanjayzalke thanks for you nice comment.
I'll fix this issue asap and upload a new release.